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My City
The concept of this web page is based in a fictional city made of buildings from all the places where I lived: Alaejos, Valladolid, Madrid, Berlin and Munich.
Is nice to see this imposible combination between old and new buildings, old and new architecture and different countries' way of see the life.
There are some really popular buildings, like the TV Tower of Berlin, that are very well known for the people. But there are a few more that are completely unknown.
As soon as you navigate through the different sections, you could see even more buildings.
So, try it and discover what building is in each city!

Instituto Cervantes Munich

Official webpage of the Instituto Cervantes for Spanish Language and Spanish Culture in Munich. Courses and cultural activities of the main Spanish culture centre in the whole city.

Instituto Cervantes Munich Instituto Cervantes Munich

Dein Platz

Is an experimental project shared with the designer Carla Calleja, from Barcelona.
We try to go through the barriers between design and developing, mixing both to obtain an attractive and dinamical environment.

DeinPlatz DeinPlatz

Website for Transfers in the surroundings of Berlin. It include concept, design, front-end and back-end. It's a part of a bigger integrated image service wich includes image design, bussiness cards, flyers, etc.
Gonzalo Garcia
Front-End Web Developer

Born in 1981, Telecommunications' Engineer with a great interest about everything behind a screen.

The initial intention of understanding the 'secrets' about communications turned, during my three-year university course, into a curiosity about new technologies and anything to do with the internet phaenomenon.

Through my professional experience I've been learning how to make things happen. Working with XHTML, CSS, Javascript, PHP, ASP; with databases Microsoft SQL Server, Oracle and MySQL and programming languages as Visual Basic 6.0, Visual Basic .Net and Actionscript. And trying to improve my skills in design learning how to use different tools as Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Dreamweaver or Adobe InDesign.

Finally I found my place working as Front-End Web Developer in the part I like the most.

And I'm using this website as a laboratory for all the things I want to learn such jQuery or Mootools!

So, very welcome and I hope you like it!


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